Touch Overlay – 10 Point

Touch Overlay – 10 Point


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Sizes are shown as the diagonal size. Please see the “Size Chart” tab for specific sizing information.

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DIY Multi Touch Overlay

A 10 point touch overlay can turn any display into an interactive experience. Track up to 10 points simultaneously with a 10 point touch overlay. Best of all, you can do it yourself with our easy to assemble Multi Touch Overlay and Install Kit! Turning your existing monitor or display into a multi touch display for gaming, viewing blue prints, digital whiteboard, tradeshow use, and more has never been easier.

Lots Of Multi Touch Options

We give you plenty of options and choices when it comes to your Multi Touch Overlay, allowing you the freedom to choose how many touch points you want based on your needs and design. We also give you options for standard Multi Touch Overlays, Waterproof Multi Touch Overlays, large format versions, and more. You can get all of this with a single connection to your PC, Mac, Linux or Android machine to ensure you have a complete multi touch overlay solution.

Let Us Do The Work For You

We offer integrated Multi Touch Overlay options so you don’t have to install anything yourself. We also offer monitors with multi touch overlay solutions, fully integrated turn key designs, and can have our technicians integrate your monitor for you. Our goal is to make your multi touch overlay experience as simple as possible, and to make sure that you can fully enjoy your multi touch overlays for years to come.

Size Chart

Each overlay is listed by its diagonal size according to a 16:9 aspect ratio. For specific measurements, please view the information below or contact a representative.

24″ = 12 x 21″27″ = 13 x 24″32″ = 16 x 28″40″ = 20 x 35″42″ = 21 x 37″46″ = 23 x 40″47″ = 23 x 41″49″ = 24 x 43″
50″ = 25 x 44″55″ = 27 x 48″60″ = 29 x 52″65″ = 32 x 57″70″ = 34 x 61″72″ = 15 x 63″84″ = 41 x 73″90″ = 44 x 78″