Touch Screen TV

Looking for a Touch Screen TV for your Office, Tradeshow or Event? Our All-in-One touch screen TV’s are a great solution to your display requirements and make it easy to setup and be operational in minutes.

A large format touch screen is similar to an giant iPad or Tablet. Use these large screen displays as a single touch display to advance PowerPoint Slides or as a highly capable multitouch, multi-functional device.

Touch screen technology is only as good as its accuracy and our large format touch screen devices offer critical accuracy to +/- 2mm (for us in the Western world that is really small). The touch screen is integrated into the display meaning it is not stuck on or added on to the TV, this offers a clean finished look.

Touch Screen TV 55"

Large Format Touch Screen TV’s

Your Size, Your configuration, Your Way. Size, Mount, Resolution, OS, Touch

Standard Size Displays: 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″, 98″
Wall Mount Display Included / Mobile Stand (optional)
High Definition Display Standard / 4K Option
Windows/Android Dual Operating System
Multitouch Interactive Touch Screen TV Display

Interactive Whiteboard Capability

Touch Screen TV Learning enhances the education experience with a hands on approach to communicating subject matter. Not a new concept, interactive whiteboards have been flooding into schools for more then a decade. Most however utilize interactive projector technologies which are inherently prone to maintenance and calibration concerns.

Minimize Education Technology Woes. Flat panel interactive displays offer maintenance free touch screen display technologies. Keep all of your interactive learning features and functionality of interactive whiteboards but not any of the recurring costs and maintenance needs.

Touch Screen TV

Sturdy Wall Mount or Mobile Cart

Your new touch screen TV display includes a Wall Mount for Safe n’ Secure mounting on the wall at your Office or Corporate Showroom or Conference Room. The slim wall mount is a great solution for both security and functionality.

If you want to move your touch screen display around you can do so with our optional Mobile Cart. The cart is sturdy enough to help your large touch screen move from room to room with ease, large locking heavy duty wheels will keep things moving smoothly.

Touch Screen Display Stand

Touch Screen TV Display Control Panel

Your new touch screen display includes a remote but sometimes you want to adjust the volume or turn on/off the display etc. physically. Interactive TV’s include a touch panel for the most critical and immediate actions that you may need to make.

Control the following from the front of the TV:

  • TV Power
  • Menu Functions
  • CH+/-
  • Volume +/-
  • Input Changes
  • PC-Power Control

Touch Screen TV Control Buttons

Integrated Computer Options

Your new large format touch screen TV is designed to be a turnkey solution, that means we have everything built into one seamless display. When using our powerful integrated PC option everything operates with one power button, no need to worry about making sure to flip all the switches.

You also have a choice between Windows and Android operating systems or BOTH if you prefer it. Since you have a choice, choose convenience.

Touch Screen TV Integrated Computer