Simply, Easily and Effectively retrofit your Flat Panel LCD TV or other Flat Screen TV into an interactive multitouch touch screen. Make your TV a multitouch screen using Infrared IR Touch Screen Technology; IR Bezels install right over the top of your existing TV frame. This technology will work with any LCD, LED, Plasma, Rigid Rear Projection and Rear Projection Film Screen Surfaces.

For Finished Solutions see our Touch Screen Displays There is a variety of standard sizes to fit most any make and model of TV on the market from 32” Wide Screens and above. It is beneficial that in your preparation and research you determine what TV will work best for the integration of your touch screen overlay so as not to incur unforeseen challenges upon delivery.   IR Bezels attach to your TV in minutes with the supplied double sided tape or Velcro type products.

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Connect the Touch Frame USB Cable

Once attached to your TV you can simply plug in the supplied USB cable into your computer. The USB cable provides both the required power to the touch screen and is the communication pipeline between the touch screen and the Computer or Digital Signage Controller. Before you plug in the touch screen be sure that you have installed the Included Software and appropriate Drivers for your Touch Screen.

Once you have your IR Touch Screen Bezel installed, plug in the USB cable you are ready to calibrate the touch screen to the TV or Flat Panel Display. To calibrate the touch screen you will need to open the installed software, once you have done that launch the calibration tools. Once in calibration mode the display will provide several highlighted touch points for you to press and before you know it you will be finished and set up. When incorporating an IR Bezel onto your TV you need to determine the appropriate amount of touch points required or desired for your application or project.

Simultaneous Touch Points

Touch Points are essentially the number or amount of touches that the Touch Screen Overlay will sense at any given time; just because your touch screen is multi touch does not mean that it has unlimited touch point capability. Standard Touch Point configurations are Dual Touch, 12 point touch and 32 point touch. As you can imagine 32 point touch points is a bit more expensive than the dual touch version; but for the difference in price there is a substantial increase in multitouch point functionality. If you are looking for true multitouch capability be sure to address this with a customer service representative when you are in the quote phase of your project.

Multitouch Questions and Answers

As you have read here, this multitouch screen integration process is fairly straightforward and the basics of how to make your TV a Touch Screen by integrating an Infrared IR Bezel Multi Touch Frame. If you have any questions regarding the operation or advanced integration of a Touch Screen with your TV it is best to consult with a Screen Solutions interactive touch screen specialist. For more information on IR Bezels, Thru-Glass Touch Screens or Embedded Touch Screen Technologies please visit the SSI Touch Screen Technology Center or Call 888-631-5880 to speak to a technician or customer service representative.