Custom Touch Screen Overlay Any Size

Need a custom size touch screen? We will make a custom touch screen overlay for your application no matter what your project is. On this page you will see just a few examples of what we have built over the years, we have been making custom touch frames since 2005.

In the video to the right you will see a 8×35′ custom touch screen overlay with 40 points of multitouch.

Custom Large Format Touch Screens

Toronto Zoo Interactive Exhibit

Engagement happens best in a multi-sensory environment, the touch screen wall allows for  a physical connection to the experience.

This display incorporates a custom large format display with integrated touch screen on glass. Multitouch frames allow for multiple users on the same display regardless of size.

Custom Touch Screen Overlay

3 Sided Multitouch Custom Touch Cube

Interactive experiential marketing cube to have clients walk into and immerse them in the presentation. With three interactive large format displays around you its hard not to feel as if you are truly in the presentation that is large as life.

  • 3 Ultra Short Throw Projectors
  • 3 Multi-pane Glass Walls
  • 1 Aluminum Structure
  • 3 Custom Infrared Touch Screens
  • 3 Computers

Touch Screen Overlays XL

XL Custom Touch Screen Overlay

This is one of 13 custom size multitouch overlays in one clients office. Each overlay was sized to match the glass wall size and all of them had 40 points of touch.

This was a project we installed and we wanted no room for error. Given the size of the order and that each wall was different we chose to fly out and measure them individually to ensure accuracy. The client wanted the touch screen frame to fill the glass edge to edge, top/bottom and side to side.

This integrated project was using front projection film that applied directly to the glass and had multiple projectors blended on the screen.

multitouch frame made to order

Wall Mounted Touch Screen Overlay

This project was for a Washington DC client that wanted a front projection screen interactive wall. This was designed around the screen size and made to order.

This project was many years ago and a lot has changed since then but this was still a common practice back then. This particular client had chosen to have this projection touch screen and mounted to the wall with custom brackets.

Always take into consideration where you will want your USB connection point to exit the frame for connection to the computer. The USB connection will provide real time communication to the computer and multitouch overlay.